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A.Khachaturyan. Toccata

Toccata by A.Khachaturyan. In transcription for Bayan.

---  A.Khachaturyan. Toccata. Performed by Friedrich Lips

A.Khachaturyan. Toccata. Performed by Grzegorz Miszczyszyn

 A.Khachaturyan. Toccata. Original piano version. Performed by Allan Grando 

Music sheets for Bayan here

What is Bayan?

Very often I am being ask what the is Bayan?
And why don't I call it simply a "Button Accordion".
I hope I gave a clear answer on my front page:

Today I've found on the Internet an interesting short documentary about it. Quite briefly, featuring Friedrich Lips and a nice story on making the Bayan.

No way I wanted to make an advertisement for any factory or bayan maker, performer or place. Simply an explanation of what Bayan is.