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Discoveries: A.Na Yun Kin playing himself!

At last I've found on the Internet a video where Maestro plays himself! Alexander Na Yun Kin - "Moscow Intermezzo" *** Наконец-то я нашел в инернете видео с игрой Маэстро! Александр На Юн Кин - "Московское интермеццо"   More pieces by Alexander Na Yun Kin *** Другие пьесы Александра На Юн Кина  Another piece, arrangement by Alexander Na Yun Kin of a song by Beatles "Michelle" performed by ensemble of bayan players " Russian Timbre ": *** Еще одна пьеса - аранжировка   Александр На Юн Кина "Мишель" из репертуара Битлз . Исполняет ансамбль " Русский тембр ": The piece by A.Na Yun Kin - Elegy from " Small Romantic Triptyh "- played by Kirill Kriklivets ***   Александр На Юн Кин - "Элегия" из цикла "Маленький романтический триптих". Исполняет Кирилл Крикливец : ************ Music sheets of the piece here: The piece by A.Na Yun

Bayan, accordion players in the streets...

Alexander Burdyug and Andrey Fesenko Photo taken here: Musicians web page:   ***  My friends playing in the streets... So did I once. And I'm not sure, if I won't have to do it again... Is this our - bayan / accordion players - "good luck" or sad necessity? Is this the only way to earn for a living? Why do good musicians with classical education from countries of the former Soviet Union (and others) have to play in the streets in major cases? Is there no demand for performances on serious stages? Is the world of bayan / accordion performers too narrow and there is not much space for everybody? More questions then answers.. *** Enjoy the music!       P.S. If you want to support these artists, you can buy their CDs. Do contact me from this page: P.P.S. This is NOT an advert but trying to help.