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Vladimir MURZA playing 1

At last I got the video with performance of famous Ukrainian bayan player, teacher at Odessa Sate Academy of Music Vladimir MURZA ! I posted it at my page. Vladimir Murza plays a piece by Viktor Vlasov "Odessa Album Leaf" together with Odessa Salik Municipal Wind Music Theatre Wind Band, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Mikhail Dzevik. Music sheets of this piece for bayan and chamber orchestra you can find here: More videos will follow! Come back to my pages! *** ** * 

Volodymyr Podgorny - Great Maestro passed away...

After being ill for several years Volodymyr (Vladimir) Podgorny left this world... Great Composer , great Performer , great Teacher . A man with huge passion and love for Music. (1928-2010) Volodymyr Podgorny with his wife Podgornaya Zoya Nikolayevna and daughter Elena, 1976 Two legendary Yakovlevitchs ( the same fathers' names ): I. Yakovlevitch Panitsky and V. Yakovlevitch Podgorny,  Saratov, 1989  After author's concert, 1994 (from left to right): I.Lipnitsky, V.Podgorny, L.Gura, A.Haydenko V.Podgorny and Yuri Sidorov, 1989 Photos are taken from the book: Anatoly Semeshko. Vladimir Podgorny: A Look at the Portrait of an Artist  (Kyiv 2003, in Russian) *** Here are some video and mp3 examples of the pieces composed and arranged by Volodymyr Podgorny : V.Podgorny Gipsy Rhapsody. Performed by Borys Myronchuk :   V.Podgorny. Nochenka. Performed by Viktor Oliynyk:  V.Podgorny.Fant